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    Temat: Jak podmienic nr seryjny pod winXP?
    Jak podmienic nr seryjny pod winXP? Bede wdzieczny za podpowiedz. Pozdrawiam Potrzebujesz maly program "XP-Pro key Changer.exe". Uruchamiajac go, program ten laczy cie z Microsoft, podajesz im swoje dane, oni podadza ci specjalny 8-grupowy szyfrowany klucz, ktory wpiszesz w odpowiednie pola w planszy uruchomionego programu, a ten da ci nowy nr.seryjnydo XP. Proste!  Nieprawda? Avalon@am

    Temat: jeszcze jedno zmiana klucza w xp
    mam taki opis ale go nie czaje Open the Serial Key Changer by running "XPProCorp-keyChanger.exe"; it will bring up a new window with a DOS based program. After the serial keys have been generated you will be prompted with the following screen which let's you activate Windows. From here you need to select, "Yes, I want to telephone a customer service representative to activate Windows" - Don't worry,  we don't actually do it. After choosing this option you will then be taken to the following screen. It doesn't actually matter what country you choose from the Step 1 field, as we won't be calling anyone. Ignore the rest and skip down to the bottom and click the Change Product Key button which will bring you to the following screen. Now refer back to the Serial Key Changer program and simply choose one and type it into the New key field area as shown in  the picture above. Once you've done that click the Update button. It will then proceed to update your serial key and bring  you back to the Activate Windows by Phone screen. From here you can close this screen; your Windows serial key has been changed. To confirm that your serial key has changed correctly to the one you choose from the Serial Key Changer Program you need to go ahead and open the Serial Key Viewer program by opening the file "WindowsXP Product Key Viewer.exe". By ELuCuBRaTioN

    a ja proponuje znalezc stosowny program za free: zmiana klucza: XPProCorp-keyChanger.exe podglad klucza: WindowsXP Product Key Viewer.exe Programy sa dosyc popularne na ftp i p2p.

    Temat: zmiana klucza produktu w XP
    probowalem programami: Windows XP CD Key changer by Mr Dude Windows XP Product Key Modifier (XPPID.exe) i jakims jeszcze innym programy wyraznie nie dzialaja no i nadal nie moge zmienic rejestru wchodze z konta administratora

    Temat: Jak uaktualnić Windowsa Xp "serwice packiem"? POMOCY Jak zarejestrować? POMOCY!
    Witam i pozdrawiam!! Choć problem wydaje się na pierwszy rzut oka łatwy, to taki nie jest. Gdyż jak większość z was mam piracką wersję (oczywiście wiem że legale też macie, ale...

    Temat: Windows XP SP2/SP3
    Pass: Windows TinyXP Platinum Edition 2 Windows XP Service Pack 2 integrated - All 133 Windows Updates (Windows is up to date to 12th June 2007) - All installs pass the “Windows Genuine Advantage” checks - Choose from four different installs of Windows XP - Includes 5th boot option: Acronis backup + restore environment - Added drivers to support CPU, Chipset, LAN, SATA and Wireless LAN - Windows Post Install menu with most commonly requested programs - Option to create your own bare ISO from any of the four installs - Windows Vista Aero Glass theme set by default on all installs - Windows Vista drive indicator (shows a bar under your drive icon) - VMware Tools automatically installed if you install in VMware - All software included is the latest edition as of June 12th 2007 - More than 100 registry tweaks to make using Windows easier - All installs set monitor resolution to 1024 x 768 x 32 @85Hz - Services configuration files included to reduce memory use - eXPerience’s ShrinkXP batch files to strip Windows “on the fly” - This release is kept to a CD sized ISO so anyoneTo install TinyXP from this CD, set your PC n the BIOS to boot from your CD-ROM drive. Only install this operating system onto a freshly formatted partition or hard disk. Read more details… There is no upgrade option available, because the option is removed. You do not need any product key in this release, theinstallation of TinyXP is unattended, apart from in the beginning where you choose which drive or partition to install to. All installations are set to US English. (This can be changed after installation) [When you boot from this CD you have five options] 1 - TinyXP With IE/OE/WMP (With Drivers) 2 - TinyXP With IE/OE/WMP (Without Drivers) 3 - TinyXP Without IE/OE/WMP (With Drivers) 4 - TinyXP Without IE/OE/WMP (Without Drivers) 5 - Boot Into Acronis Backup + Restore IE = Internet Explorer 7 Web Browser OE = Outlook Express Email Client WMP = Windows Media Player 11 [Automatically Installed Programs] Service Pack 2 For Windows XP - 133 Hotfixes Up To 12th June 2007 - Flash Player v9.0.28.0 - Opera v9.21 (only installed on options without IE7) - Prio (Task Manager Priority Saver) v1.9.6 - Royale Noir and Royale Blue Themes - Thunderbird v2.0.0.0 (only installed on options without OE) - Vista Aero Glass Theme v4 - Vista Drive Indicator v3.1.1.0 - VMware 5 Tools v5.5.4 Build 44386 (only installed in VMware 5) [Other added items in system32] - cdimage.exe (Lets you make ISO’s on the command line) - CDR.exe (Right click of optical drives to close the CD tray) - lame_enc.dll (Many encoding programs require this for MP3 encoding) - layout.dll (This gives you the “Save desktop icon layout” option) - makecab.exe (More up to date version that actually works) - On-Screen Keyboard (osk.exe) - pskill.exe (Kill processes on the command line) - sleep.exe (Make a batch command file wait for a given period of time) - Video res changer to force 1024 x 768 on install [Here is a breakdown of the five boot options] - For Microsoft fans… The first two options include Internet Explorer 7 Web Browser, Outlook Express Email Client and Windows Media Player 11 so Windows XP is up todate and as Bill Gates intended. - For people who don’t like Microsoft programs… the second two options do not include Internet Explorer 7, Outlook Express,or Windows Media Player 11. In the second two options where IE/OE/WMP are removed, Opera v9.21 is installed to replace Internet Explorer and MozillaThunderbird v2.0.0.0 is installed to replace Outlook Express. - Automatic Driver Installation… Options one and three both include drivers to cover the following: Chipset,CPU, Ethernet LAN Cards, SATA (Mass Storage) and Wireless Ethernet. - No Drivers Included… Options two and four do not contain those drivers - this is in case you have SATA problems with the first or third options, or if you just wantto install your own drivers. - Acronis Backup + Restore… Option five allows you to backup your existing partition(s) before installing Windows, or you can quickly restore a backup made previouslywith Acronis. This version of Acronis True Image Home is safe to use if you want to back up Windows Vista. [Windows Post Install Menu] These programs are installable from the “Install Programs” icon on your Desktop. You need to have the TinyXP CD in your CD drive for these items to install: - DirectX DLL Libraries #24 to #33 - FoxIt PDF Reader Pro v2.0 Build 1312 - Java SE Runtime Environment 6 Update 1 v1.6.0_01 - K-Lite Mega Codec Pack v2.10 - NOD32 Antivirus v2.70.39 - Nero Micro (Express and Burning ROM) v7.9.6.0 - .NET Framework 2.0 v2.0.50727.42 - Office 2003 SP2 Lite v11.6568.6568 - Opera Browser v9.21 - PeerGuardian v2.0 Beta 6b - Perfectdisk Defrag Server Edition v8.0 Build 64 - Photoshop CS2 v9.0.2 - Sygate Personal Firewall Pro v5.6 Build 3408 - Sound Forge v9.0a Build 297 - Thunderbird v2.0.0.0 - uTorrent v1.6.1 Build 490 - VMware Workstation v5.5.4 Build 44386 - Windows Live Messenger v8.1.0178.0 - WinRAR v3.70 On the Windows Post Install wizard menu, you can hover your mouse pointer over any of the programs for a detailed description of that program. [Drivers] Bashrat The Sneaky Driverpacks (Options 1 and 3 only) - CPU (v7.04.1) - Chipset (v7.06) - LAN (Ethernet) (v7.06.1) - SATA (Mass Storage) (v7.06.1) - Wireless LAN (v7.04) These drivers will only install if you have the device plugged in and switched on so it is detected. Only the drivers that matchyour devices will install. [ISO folder On Root Of CD] If you want to make standalone ISO’s of any of the four Windows XP installations, you can do this by running one of the four batchfiles included in the ISO folder on the CD.

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